I’m told IATSE’s official pro-ratification campaign is entering a new phase. According to an email sent from the International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600, President Steven Poster to a select group of National Executive Board members, a phone bank will be set up to call members and get them to Vote Yes. It is being coordinated by Western Region Director David Behm who will supply the phone lists. But it has raised questions about what Guild resources will be used and/or abused. “First, it is not the role of the Guild to lobby the members either for or against ratification — although there is precedent from the 2006 contract ratification, where the NEB officially authorized an anti-contract-ratification campaign because of the loss of mandatory staffing of camera operators,” one ICG Vote No organizer tells me. “But, unlike 2006, there has been no NEB authorization of this political action that Poster is unilaterally undertaking.” In his email, Poster sounds anything but confident: “This is the first full week that the ballots will be out there and this is the week 80% of the members who will vote will do it… We need to see it pass our local with a decent percentage.”

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