I’m told Emmy Rossum is leaving CAA and taking meetings with other agencies.

ICM signed two directors from the Sundance Film Festival — writer/director MAX MAYER, whose romantic dramedy Adam, was bought by Fox Searchlight, and director ONDI TIMONER, whose documentary, We Live In Public, won The Grand Jury Prize.

ICM also signed HAMISH LINKLATER (The New Adventures Of Old Christine) from UTA; ANIL KAPOOR, fresh off Slumdog Millionaire; LINDA CARDELLINI of ER; JOHN ROBINSON (Lords Of Dogtown, Elephant); and JOHN HENSLEY (Nip/Tuck).

William Morris signed ER‘s MEKHI PHIFER, JAG‘s DAVID JAMES ELLIOT, writer/director GREGOR JORDAN, (The Informers, Unthinkable, Ned Kelly), writer CORY GOODMAN (Priest) from CAA; film and TV writer DAVID HUBBARD, kids programming producer TOMMY LYNCH from ICM; actor/director Chad Lowe.

The Gersh Agency signed Kirstie Alley from WMA, Matthew Davis (Blue Crush, Legally Blonde) from Paradigm, and Will Kemp (Step Up 2, Van Helsing) from CAA.

More as it comes in…