Maybe, just maybe, if you all behave, the Big Media corporate cartel will give you paychecks. Granted, those checks will be small and you’ll have to start working two jobs while the Hollywood moguls collect tens of millions each just for waking up and driving to the office. Now, Sony Pictures Entertainment boss Michael Lynton is saying Hollywood studios may change the way they pay actors, directors and producers, requiring creative talent to share risk as DVD sales decline. Yet Lynton is the first to boast to the media how much profit his studio is making at the box office these days. And Sony Pictures is infamous around town for overpaying their stable of stars like Adam Sandler, Will Smith, Will Ferrell, while at the same time lavishing money on their lame-ass vanity projects that never earn out. (I bet any moment Amy Pascal will greenlight Kevin James performing Chekhov just to get him to do Mall Cop 2.)

Yet Lynton told Bloomberg TV today that falling DVD sales have made studios reluctant to pay out millions in salary before recouping costs. Studios can no longer count on DVD sales, even when a movie is a hit, Lynton said. “It’s not so much cutting salaries but making sure our partners, the actors and the directors and the producers, share in the risk,” Lynton said. Did you know you were Big Media’s partners? Then why are partners screwing partners? Oh, right, this is Hollywood.