Since it’s starting out a slow day, I’m reading VF‘s Hollywood issue. What a diss that Graydon Carter bumps the usual Hollywood gaggle of star wannabes or naked actresses for Obama on the cover. Like that couldn’t have waited another month. (Now I’m told that VF airbrushed out Don Cheadle from the Obama cover pic. He should have been kept in.) As for the showbiz content, there’s hardly anything contemporary lest Graydon risk offending his BFFs out here. I wrote Reclusive Sue Reappears In Hollywood but VF‘s piece on Mengers missed the point: Sue has reinvented herself so that Bryan Lourd and Ari Emanuel regularly come round her house. Yet the mag asked her about Barbra. There are so many factual errors in Peter Bart’s pablum that I’d spend all day correcting them. And alert the media that Peter Jackson has photos of his kids in his office, or that mobsters wanted to be part of The Godfather. And I suggest Patrick Goldstein sue VF for copyright infringement because I thought he owned the rights to the title of Bob Shaye’s official apologist.

vanityfairparty.jpgWhat’s so sad about all this is the utter lack of creativity that went into the issue. Someone from the LA office should at least send smoke signals to the NY headquarters so it can get a clue. Given that Slumdog Millionaire has been the Best Picture shoo-in since December, and VF circulates overseas, a Hollywood issue devoted to moviemaking internationally should have been the theme. Seriously, why should we as readers bother when VF doesn’t? I’ve written before that Graydon is now more restaurateur than editor. This issue shows that:  even the “Best Seats In The House” look at the showbiz restaurant scene shamefully includes his business partner’s hardly hip joint which is also hosting VF‘s annual Oscar shindig (now that Morton’s has shuttered). The piece doesn’t even mention Comme Ça or The Bazaar at SLS while it name-drops Madeo’s and La Scala even though I had to double-check they were even still in business. VF, give it a rest next year.