“New Media” production company seeks crew for experimental project. Applicants must be able to create, research, write, coordinate, production design, art direct, construct, paint, dress & decorate sets, location manage, assist direct, design/tailor/supply costumes, do hair & make-up, shoot, operate, focus, slate, set marks, load, take still photographs, record sound, boom, cable, light, dimmer board operate, dolly, grip, rig, build, buy, create & supply props, prop master, on-set dress, on-set prop, script, video assist & playback, stand-in, stunt coordinate, do stunt work, special effects, cast, act, telecine, edit, sound-edit, supervise music, post-production supervise, stage manage, cater & craft service, medic, animal wrangle, supply & drive
production vehicles, transport equipment and any personnel. Must own your own equipment. 2 positions available. Rates, terms and conditions of employment negotiable. IATSE members only please.

Contact Matthew D. Loeb @ AMPTP Productions (818) 995-3600.