The above photo is hilariously making the Hollywood rounds. And people have been bitching about this to me ever since CAA first began thinking about doing it in December and then went through with it in January. (By the way, there’s nothing I can do about CAA not validating your parking. You think I can part the Red Sea, too?) However, I’ve recently confirmed that CAA is indeed validating parking for people besides clients. Of course, these are very special people who told me this in confidence, but they’re definitely not CAA clients. As for peons, CAA is still denying them the $34 and suggesting that they carpool or park for free at the adjacent mall. Meanwhile, here’s how some Hollywood types tell me they’re planning to exact revenge: 1) Order $34 worth of refreshments when the CAA assistant asks, “Can I get you anything?”, 2) Submit an invoice for reimbursement of all the parking charges from CAA to deduct from its commissions once a project gets made, and 3) Eat at restaurants frequented by CAA agents, wait alongside them at valet parking, tell the attendant that “they’re paying” — and drive away.