5 PM UPDATE: SAG/AMPTP talks may resume February 17-18.

12:30 PM: Here is SAG’s just released statement on today’s court hearing:

Los Angeles, (February 5, 2009) – Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Chalfant today denied in full the request for a temporary restraining order seeking to invalidate the SAG national board majority’s written assent of January 26, 2009. The Judge denied the order on the grounds that the Plaintiffs had no probability of success on the merits of their claims.

“I’m pleased that we can put this matter behind us and dedicate our complete focus to the needs of Screen Actors Guild members. There’s a lot of work ahead of us.” said Screen Actors Guild Interim National Executive Director David White.

The SAG national board of directors will meet jointly with AFTRA on Saturday to discuss upcoming commercial contracts negotiations, and will have a SAG board meeting on Sunday. Both will be held via videoconference in Los Angeles and New York.

UPDATE: The second time around wasn’t the charm. Alan Rosenberg’s request for a temporary restraining order against the written assent was denied. So now later this month, the SAG National Majority is free to negotiate a replica of the AFTRA contract, with a few theatrical bones from the AMPTP thrown in, and send it to the membership for ratification. Vote for it or vote against it. But let’s get on with it already.

PREVIOUS: I’ve been waiting for word about the outcome of today’s L.A. Superior Court hearing. But I also have a dentist appointment so my update will just have to wait until I get back. Hmm, covering SAG or getting a root canal: which is worse?

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