Steve Tihanyi, the director of General Motors media operations and branded entertainment, tells Bloomberg that GM is getting almost free advertising from Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen. Not bad, considering that GM’s giant losses forced it to skip Super Bowl commercials and end a marketing accord with golfer Tiger Woods. While companies usually pay to have products shown on the big screen, director Michael Bay asked GM only for permission to use its car designs and to provide cars. What, Paramount studios or Viacom shareholders suddenly don’t need the money? Or are they giving the taxpayers bailing out GM a break? Most likely, it’s because the William Morris Agency represents both Bay and GM. “If there is any cost involved, it’s in the delivery of the vehicles,” GM’s Tihanyi said. “It’s a fraction of what it would cost to pay for a placement.” Transformers will use 7 GM vehicles, all for the “good guy” transformers. Models include the Volt electric car that debuts in 2010, Chevrolet Camaro, Stingray, Beat and Trax concept cars, the Hummer H2, and the GMC Topkick commercial truck.