SAG has announced for February 8th a “Special National Board Conference Meeting” where I’m told the SAG National Majority will make the same motions that are in the January 26th written assent and attempt to maneuver around any possible temporary restraining order obtained in court by Membership First’s four members. The SAG National Majority is that coalition between most of the NY Division, the Reginal Division Branches, and the Hollywood Division minority Unite For Strength. The four MF’ers seeking the TRO Thursday are Alan Rosenberg, Anne-Marie Johnson, Diane Ladd and Kent McCord. The TRO is targeted at SAG itself and the 41 SAG National Board members who signed the written assent that fired National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Doug Allen, split his job between new NED David White and new chief negotiator John McGuire, and replaced the SAG negotiating committee with a reconfigured task force to bargain with the AMPTP. So let me see: Membership First used parliamentary rules against the SAG National Majority. Then the SAG National Majority used the “written assent” legal maneuver against Membership First. Then Membership First goes to L.A. Superior Court for a TRO against that written assent. And now the SAG National Majority moves to circumvent any TRO. And on, and on…

Interim NED David White on Tuesday night called for the special video conference meeting of the National Board for this coming Sunday from 9AM to 2PM (PST) in the James Cagney Room in Hollywood and the Leon Janney Board Room in New York:

“No call-ins will be permitted at this meeting. All members will participate in Los Angeles or New York. Information for designating alternates and instructions for RBD members to make changes to their travel arrangements will be forwarded tomorrow morning. As a reminder, please note that since this meeting will be held by video conference, a National Director may be replaced by any Alternate National Director for only one continuous period of time during any one day. This meeting shall be considered a separate meeting from the Joint Board meeting scheduled for Saturday, February 7th. Also, in accordance with the replacement policy approved at the National Board meeting in April 2004, requests for alternates must be completed and confirmed no later than 5 p.m. on the last business day prior to the commencement of that meeting. This means that requests must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, February 6th. (IMPORTANT NOTE: INSTRUCTIONS FOR DESIGNATING ALTERNATES FOR THIS MEETING WILL BE FORWARDED TO YOUR ATTENTION TOMORROW MORNING.)

Meanwhile, Scott Wilson and David Clennon are in this “SAG Coup” protest video from the group KeepSAGRelevant opposing the SAG National Majority:

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