Below is an updated look at the Marvel Studios’ product pipeline. The company also announced today that Kenneth Branagh is set to direct Thor which Paramount Pictures will distribute worldwide. It will be released domestically on July 16, 2010. And Iron Man 2 begins principal photography in early April.

Marvel Studios Entertainment Pipeline
(According to its 4th quarter earnings report. Scheduled release dates are subject to change)

Self-Produced Feature Film Line-Up
Iron Man 2 (Marvel), scheduled for May 7, 2010 release, starts principal photography in April
directed by Jon Favreau, stars Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle
Thor (Marvel), scheduled for July 16, 2010 release, directed by Kenneth Branagh
The First Avenger: Captain America (Marvel), sScheduled for May 6, 2011 release
The Avengers (Marvel), scheduled for July 15, 2011 release

Licensed Feature Film Line-Up
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Fox), scheduled for May 1, 2009 release

Self-Produced Animated TV Series Line-Up
Super Hero Squad (Marvel Animation) 26 thirty-minute episodes in production with Film Roman, scheduled for Q3 2009 release on Cartoon Network
The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (Marvel Animation) 26 thirty-minute episodes in production with Film Roman; scheduled for Q3 2011 release

Licensed Animated TV Series Line-Up
Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes (Moonscoop SAS – France), 26 thirty-minute episodes airing internationally and on and
Spectacular Spider-Man (Culver Studios – U.S.) Will air on Disney XD in the U.S. beginning in March and currently airing on various networks internationally
Wolverine and the X-Men (Marvel Animation / First Serve Toonz – India), 52 thirty-minute episodes. Episodes 1-26 are currently airing on Nicktoons in the U.S. and are on air internationally, Episodes 27-52 are currently in pre-production
Black Panther (Marvel Animation / BET) 8 thirty-minute episodes in production, scheduled for Q2 2009 release on BET
Iron Man: Armored Adventures (Marvel Animation / Method Films – France) 26 thirty-minute episodes in production, scheduled for Q2 2009 release in the U.S. on Nicktoons and various networks internationally

Licensed Animated Direct-to-DVD Projects
Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (Lionsgate), released September 2, 2008
Hulk Vs. (Lionsgate), released January 13, 2009
Thor: Son of Asgard (Lionsgate), scheduled for September 2009 release

Licensed Broadway Stage Project
Spider-Man, the Musical, Julie Taymor director; music & lyrics by U2’s Bono and The Edge
(Hello Entertainment/David Garfinkle, Martin McCallum, Marvel Entertainment/David Maisel, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Jeremiah Harris)
Slated for a February 2010 opening