This would get me very angry if it weren’t so pathetic. Because Harvey Weinstein constantly pleads poverty on behalf of his The Weinstein Co so that filmmakers will dig into their own wallets for re-shoots that he demands yet won’t fund. But suddenly he’s got big bucks to spend on the nation’s highest priced lawyers, Bert Fields and David Boies, to fight Lionsgate over control of Push: Based On The Novel By Sapphire which may have won awards at the Sundance Film Festival but which you, me, and the world knows isn’t going to make a dime. (Though I personally encourage the film biz to support these urban dramas and let them try to find an audience.) Now there are two dueling lawsuits: one by Lionsgate claiming that TWC has no right, title or interest to the film, and the other by TWC claiming sales agent Cinetic Media promised the theatrical rights to Harv & Co and even went to contract but the pic landed with Lionsgate. Deal or no deal? It’s gonna take a suitcase of cash to find out — which could have been better spent on promoting Push or other urban indies. (See my previous, Post-Sundance Good News/Bad News)