Don Johnson and his production company filed suit today in L.A. Superior Court seeking to recover profits from 2929 Entertainment — owned by billionaire Mark Cuban, Rysher Entertainment and Qualia Capital — over Nash Bridges. The breach of contract case involves the six-year, 122-episode TV series which he claims generated more than $300 million in revenue, including over $150 million from worldwide syndication. “Nash Bridges is a very successful series and I am entitled to half of the profits, which I have not received,” said Johnson in a press release. The complaint alleges that:

— Don Johnson Productions is owed tens of millions of dollars from the defendants for its half of the profits from the copyright Don Johnson Productions owns in the hit series that Don Johnson co-conceived, starred in, and produced.

— As the series star, Don Johnson, through Don Johnson Productions, negotiated and obtained a 50% interest in the series’ copyright.

— Despite being co-owner of the copyright, Don Johnson Productions has not received its share of the revenues generated from the series syndication.

Johnson’s lawsuit is being handled by Kirkland & Ellis lawyers Robert Krupka and Mark Holscher.