Click here to listen… UPDATE: I’ve confirmed it’s authentic and from the set of Terminator Salvation, the Warner Bros movie coming out this year. Flming at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico on July 18th last year, Bale goes off on the director of photography Shane Hurlbut whom the actor accuses of ruining a scene by walking onto the set. Bale threatens to quit the production if the DP isn’t fired. The audio’s release may have been an act of revenge: celebrity gossip website TMZ claims that “film execs sent the tape to the insurance company that insured the film in case Bale bailed.” This rant took place just days before Christian was questioned by London police about an alleged fracas with his family around the time that The Dark Knight was released. I talked today to a source close to Bale who told me, “Christian and the DP are all good now. It happened. It was one isolated event. He regrets that he lost his temper.”