NBC announced on the eve of the Super Bowl that it has sold the last two of the 67 advertising spots for the game and now 32 advertisers will be represented, pushing total ad revenue for the event to a precedent-setting $206 million. The ads sold for between $2.4M and $3M per 30-second slot this year. Ad revenue for the football-related programming all day broke another record for $261M. But here’s what NBC didn’t announce (but the advertising trade press did): that Super Bowl stalwarts General Motors and FedEx are sitting on the sidelines this year. That NBC was still hawking unwanted inventory a week before the event. That there was a “buy a Super Bowl ad, get an ad for the pregame show cheap” incentive. That some advertisers are micking their rivals for throwing money away on extravagant Super Bowl ads. Meanwhile, NBC will put up the ads almost immediately at NBC.com, Hulu.com and Superbowl.com.