This updates What’s The Big Hollywood News At CES?

After all the advance hype, the DECE panel at CES delivered no news. Which is why I can’t help thinking that Hollywood and its many partners in this might have been more forthcoming if it had the Screen Actors Guild contract behind it. After all, Big Media wouldn’t want to give anyone the impression that they’ve got New Media figured out, would they? “The DECE guy basically said ‘stay tuned’ since they’re not ready yet,” my source says. “How it’s taking longer to figure everything out and they’re still working on format standardization, distribution, interoperability, etc.” One insider did glean for me that DECE’s so-called “digital locker” will not actually store content but rather just be an online clearinghouse for rights. So if you purchase the right to a movie download from Best Buy, then your purchase information would be held in this digital locker, allowing you to access your content (by streaming and/or download) at your convenience. But that’s all the info available now. “Some of the other panelists pressed the DECE guy several times on a timeline but he wouldn’t give one. The gist of it is that when they announce they want to be fully ready since they know that they’ll be compared to Apple/iTunes right out of the gate. The DECE guy wouldn’t even tell the gathered techies the new brand name or show the logo. It’s disappointing — for them and for the rest of us — that they weren’t able to get done in time for CES but I suppose it isn’t easy trying to get a coalition of often-competing companies to agree on things across the board.” Unless it’s a cartel.