I’m told this was done at the recommendation of SAG’s staff and negotiating committee because the program had run its course and demand had leveled off after beginning more than a year ago. But I don’t necessarily understand why GCCs are no longer needed since indies have a tough enough time as it is getting all the ducks in a row necessary to start production. The purpose of the Guaranteed Completion Contracts was to prevent any serious disruption in the independent feature production process as SAG went into negotiations with the AMPTP. The decision to discontinue the program was made more than two weeks ago so it is unrelated to the recent media stories about SAG, studios, indies and GCCs:


Los Angeles (January 16, 2009) — Screen Actors Guild today announced that in light of the over 800 productions signed to Guaranteed Completion Contracts, SAG’s national board of directors has determined that the GCC’s have served their purpose and has decided to discontinue offering GCC’s.Screen Actors Guild will continue signing independent productions to the terms of the 2005 Codified Basic Agreement for Independent Producers.

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