LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK, January 27, 2009 — Principal Communications Group (PCG), a strategic corporate communications firm serving the media and entertainment industries, and Abrams Research Group, a new consulting group offering business leaders insights through a worldwide network of freelance media professionals, have formed an alliance combining the benefits of both organizations’ unique capabilities. The announcement was made today by PCG’s managing partners Paul Pflug and Melissa Zukerman and Abrams Research founder and CEO Dan Abrams.Under the new partnership, Pflug and Zukerman will collaborate with Abrams to offer companies in the media and entertainment sectors a robust set of corporate communications research, consulting and tactical services. Principal Communications Group will seek to identify existing and new clients in these and related fields which can best be served by Abrams Research. Conversely, Abrams will enhance the services it offers its entertainment and media clients through its relationship with PCG.

Announced in November 2008, Abrams Research has assembled a vast global network of media insiders including bloggers, current and former TV journalists and magazine and print editors, now available to provide strategic media-related advice to businesses.

Principal Communications Group provides executive communication strategy and consultation for businesses operating in the media content and distribution sectors. Clients include major companies involved in the development, production, financing, marketing and distribution of motion pictures, television, music, videogames and other media content. PCG also represents law firms, investment banks and other corporations with business interests in the entertainment and media industries.

“Paul and Melissa’s industry intelligence, media relationships and strategic skills make them a perfect partner for Abrams Research. We are really excited to have the opportunity to offer clients their wealth of creativity, knowledge and business acumen, and deepen our presence in the entertainment and media space,” said Abrams.

“Today, business and brand information is communicated around the globe, with the ability to influence an organization’s perceived health and value instantaneously,” said Pflug and Zukerman jointly. “What Dan has created offers tremendous value to any business faced with entering new markets, launching a product or managing a crisis. This is especially true for entertainment and media entities who globally distribute product and messages that rely heavily on public perception.”

Abrams Research is a media strategy firm that connects business leaders with a worldwide community of media professionals. Through its proprietary global network, the firm contracts with strategically selected media insiders to provide corporations with insights, data and personnel in the areas of image enhancement, branding, investigative reporting and identification of effective media plans. Founder and CEO Dan Abrams, the former general manager of MSNBC and a renowned attorney, has appeared on NBC News and MSNBC as a reporter and anchor since 1995. He is currently chief legal analyst for NBC News and MSNBC. The Abrams Research board of advisors includes top leaders from some of the world’s best-known media companies.