3RD UPDATE: Endeavor has signed Jessica Lange and William Hurt, both from CAA. (Variety thinks Anthony Hopkins is a new sign when I reported that back in November…) In turn, CAA has signed director David O Russell away from Endeavor after he was there a long time. Other recent CAA signs I haven’t reported include Private Practice‘s Kate Walsh from UTA and John Leguizamo from WMA. Plus some significant emerging stars, in competitive situations, like actresses Gemma Ward and Billie Piper. Jack Carpenter, who has the lead in upcoming feature I Love You, Beth Cooper. In TV, CAA signed producer/director Tommy Schlamme and showrunner Todd Kessler, both away from Endeavor. Also CAA signed film and TV producer Mike Tollin away from UTA. Meg Ryan is leaving CAA and taking agency meetings. Director John Dahl left Endeavor for UTA, which also just signed emerging star Anna Camp. Slumdog Millionaire‘s stars are in hot demand: CAA has signed Freida Pinto, and UTA has signed Dev Patel. UTA also signed emerging star Adam Sevani. ICM recently signed actor Taye Diggs away from Endeavor, Academy Award-nominated writer and playwright Jose Rivera, and UK writer/director/actor Noel Clarke. In terms of emerging stars, ICM signed Moon Bloodgood, who co-stars in Terminator: Salvation, and Sergio Peris-Mencheta, the Spanish lead of Love Ranch. Endeavor took Amanda Byrnes from WMA, and William Morris signed One Tree Hill‘s actor Chad Michael Murray who’s also directing. Paradigm has signed Adrien Brody, Damon Wayans, and Lena Olin, plus emerging stars actor/singer Jesse McCartney, Lucas Grabeel, and Allyson Stoner, and directors Kevin Rodney Sullivan and France’s Xavier Gens. And APA signed Clive Barker and his company away from ICM.

Finally, I was on personal leave when Endeavor’s longtime in-house flack Michael Donkis announced his new independent PR agency with PMK/HBH publicist Joy Fehily, who as I previously reported left in December after 13 years taking clients McG, Seth McFarland, Joel Silver, and other good names with her. Donkis always told me he’d be a lifer with Ari Emanuel, and indeed Endeavor is one of the flackery’s clients. (Donkis has been approached over the years by several studios including Paramount, and NY-based PR firms like Rubenstein, but always turned down the many offers.) Fehily and Donkis have a long-standing personal and professional relationship: they’ve collaborated on a number of Endeavor-repped clients over the years including Aaron Sorkin, McG, Seth MacFarlane and Silvio Horta. For example, at a party last fall, Fehily introduced Donkis to House actress Olivia Wilde, also repped by Endeavor. Wilde discussed her passion for building medical clinics in Gambia and before the night was over, Donkis, Fehily and Wilde set a plan to bring petroleum giant BP into the mix to provide solar panels to power the clinics. Donkis and Fehily plan to provide pro bono PR services to a different LA-based non-profit each year. Their new company, called Prime, will be based in Culver City. I wish them well in this tough economic climate.