Here’s the CNBC rough transcript of Jeffrey Katzenberg being asked about the Madoff scandal during a CES discussion about 3D technology. This is the DreamWorks Animation CEO’s first public statement about getting burned by Bernie. See my previous, Madoff Hurt Spielberg And Katzenberg In The Millions:

CNBC: I’ve got to ask you one last question and it’s not a good story. Obviously, the Bernard Madoff situation. It’s been reported you had money with Madoff. Did you know you were giving your money to Bernard Madoff or was it…?
KATZENBERG: I would say two things. The first time I heard the name Bernie Madoff was about three weeks ago when I found out that, you know, he had swindled all this money. And it’s — you know, I’m blessed and fortunate in that this is extremely painful and humiliating for me. It has done extraordinary damage to my philanthropy and the giving that my wife and I is so important to us. What it has done to other people is terrible. It’s destroyed many people’s lives. People that I know. That this man is actually walking free today I think is a disgrace. And people that have done far less and hurt people in ways that he has not, you know, find themselves locked up in jail. And this guy is living in a $7 million apartment today walking free, there’s something very, very wrong. It is extraordinary. And then sending the millions of dollars in watches and jewels to family and friends. It is something deeply wrong with our process and something we all should be ashamed of, that a man could swindle $50 billion. And forget me. But I’m talking about people who have taken their lives over this. It’s a disgrace.
CNBC: Jeffrey, thank you for your candor on that.