I imagine that showbiz types are glued to their TVs like everyone else in the country this morning. That is, unless they’ve been given VIP seats to Barack Obama’s Inauguration. CNN asked well-situated Steven Spielberg (see photo of him taking a picture of himself at the inauguration), who was a Hillary Clinton supporter during the primary and got on board with Obama during the general election, “What is going through your mind?” Replied the director, “Well, I can’t wait to hear what Barack Obama has to say to all of us. But I’m also thinking that I couldn’t afford to do this shot in a movie” — referring to the 1 million to 2 million people who’d have to be replicated by extras in a film. (“He can afford to do any shot he wants,” noted Wolf Blitzer.) For today’s inauguration ceremony, Spielberg’s favorite film composer John Williams composed an original composition based on the traditional Shaker hymn “The Gift to Be Simple,” which Aaron Copland made famous in his score for Martha Graham’s ballet Appalachian Spring. Meanwhile, it was hilarious to hear the bewildered TV newscasters conjecture why Dustin Hoffman got a prime viewing spot. (See photo of Hoffman greeting Samuel Jackson at the inaugural.) John Cusack who also had a great seat told CNN, “I have no idea how I got my tickets. I sort of feel like Zelig. I don’t know how it happened. It’s humbling, I’m awestruck, all the hypebole you can think of.” But the news network’s Soledad O’Brien reminded that “he actually was a very big supporter of Barack Obama back when he was running for Senate. John Cusack, who was a local [Chicago] guy, gave him a lot of support there and pushed him over in the Senate race. So when he says, ‘I don’t know how I got my tickets’, he’s being a little bit modest.” And, of course, Oprah Winfrey was in a prime spot. (See photo above as she arrives on the inaugural stage.)