Not only does Chuck Lorre have a genuinely funny show in The Big Bang Theory. But he’s also got the balls to bash Ben Silverman in public. I, for one, was horrified when I saw that Silverman would be receiving the 6th Annual NATPE Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards last night. Because I knew Brandon. He was a close friend of mine. He used to share his most private thoughts about the television business with me on a daily basis. And he would be turning in his grave at the very idea of Ben receiving the award because of how little Silverman cares about programming. So kudos to Cynthia Littleton’s blog item today about Lorre, who was also receiving the Tartikoff Award, livening up the ceremony by taking Ben to task for insulting the striking writers as “the ugliest, nerdiest, meanest kids in high school” trying to cancel the prom. So last night Lorre “invited the exec to meet three writers who embodied ‘ugly, mean and nerdy’. Sure enough, three guys at Lorre’s table who would never be mistaken for Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman or Jon Hamm stood up as the aud roared. (It could not be immediately determined if they were in fact WGA members but they sure looked the part.),” according to Littleton’s on-scene account. And I can vouch that Brandon loved writers. Which is why I think he’d also object to Tyler Perry receiving the Tartikoff Award. As for ABC’s Anne Sweeney, who the hell knows.