It’s a real loss for Gersh’s Alex Yarosh since, working in 2nd position to her longtime manager Bill Perlman, he helped make Tisdale into a big moneymaker after three High School Musical installments — two for TV, the third as a hit feature film — and a solo singing career and now as a TV show producer. In August 2008, Forbes listed Ashley among Hollywood’s 10 top-paid young entertainers, and in December ranked her #17 among Forbes “High Earners Under 30”. She will star in 20th Century Fox’s new adventure comedy, They Came From Upstairs, this July. And her own production company, Blondie Girl Productions, is working on a Disney Channel series based on her early life as well as with FremantleMedia on a reality show. There is no way anyone can argue he didn’t take her tween stardom and make the most of it. So I can only imagine CAA’s pitch to her.