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January 2009 Archive

'Slumdog' Director Danny Boyle Wins DGA

Question: Does the Slumdog Millionaire team have a big enough mantel for all these awards? The DGA says its Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film has traditionally served as “a near-perfect barometer” for the Academy Award for Best Director. Only 6 times since the DGA Award’s inception in 1948 has the winner not gone on to receive the Academy Award for Best Director (1968: Anthony Harvey DGA for The Lion in Winter/Carol Reed took home the Oscar for… Read

Over 200 RSVP's To SAG Hollywood's Open Board Meeting On Monday Night

OPEN BOARD MEETING When: Monday, February 2, 2009 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. (Light meal will be served beginning at 5:30 p.m.) Where: James Cagney Boardroom 5757 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036 The Hollywood Division board will open its February 2, 2009 meeting to members-at-large for observation. This is part of the policy the board passed that calls for all future meetings of the board to be open, giving Hollywood Division members-at-large the opportunity to see their… Read

Revenge Of The Nerds: Oscars Boycott

Good for the geeks! I’m told that movie sites dedicated to comic book heroes, Star Trek sequels, and everything else sci-fi, action-oriented, and gory are promising to boycott all promotion of this year’s Academy Awards because The Dark Knight wasn’t nominated for Best Picture. Why, they’re even refusing to display the new 1-sheet Oscar poster. Now stop laughing. You know that males under/over age 25 who hero-worship Batman and Spock and Jigsaw can’t wait to watch Hugh… Read

BUT IT WASN'T EASY: NBC Sets Record And Sells Out Super Bowl Ads For $201M

NBC announced on the eve of the Super Bowl that it has sold the last two of the 67 advertising spots for the game and now 32 advertisers will be represented, pushing total ad revenue for the event to a precedent-setting $206 million. The ads sold for between $2.4M and $3M per 30-second slot this year. Ad revenue for the football-related programming all day broke another record for $261M. But here’s what NBC didn’t announce (but the advertising trade press did): that Super… Read

Text: SAG Board Majority's Written Assent

Pursuant to the Screen Actors Guild Constitution, Article V, Section 1. (J.) (4.), the following actions are hereby authorized through written assent by a majority of the members of the SAG National Board of Directors.I. Effective immediately, Doug Allen is terminated as an employee of Screen Actors Guild. Upon receipt of this document, he is to cease and desist in all work on behalf of this union. He is no longer the National Executive Director and has no authority to… Read

Text Of AFTRA/SAG No-Insult Agreement

As you are aware, late last year, the SAG and AFTRA National Boards both approved in principle the terms of an agreement concerning the conditions for negotiating the commercials contracts under the Phase One Agreement (the “Commercials Contracts Agreement”). The Commercials Contracts Agreement has now been finalized and approved by both unions. Copies will be distributed to both National Boards on February 7. You are receiving this communication because you are one of… Read

TBS Wants George Lopez Late Night Talk

This year, Telepictures did a pilot for former ANC sitcom star George Lopez in his own late night talker. But the syndication arm of Warner Bros couldn’t sell it. Now I’m told that a deal is about to close for the Lopez talker to air at either 11PM or 11:30PM on TBS. My source says to expect an announcement shortly.  Read

NATPE Floor Space To Be Eliminated…?

So the folks returning from NATPE are telling me that “this will be the last year of NATPE as we know it”. Because they say NATPE couldn’t fill the floor space so the powers-that-be will eliminate it next year. Once upon a time, that floor space had quite a storied tradition when independents like King World and Rysher and the major studios took giant booths. “It used to be P.T. Barnum when everyone was there — Jerry Springer, Barbara Walters, Oprah. Remember when… Read

LA Times Bringing Back “Company Town” And Pushing Calendar's Deadlines Later

According to an internal memo from new publisher Eddy Hartenstein, the Los Angeles Times Business section beginning March 2nd will be “enhanced by bringing back the ‘Company Town’ feature, which will serve as the anchor for our ‘business of entertainment’ coverage”. And it’s now official that Calendar’s “deadlines to be pushed deep into the evening (aka ‘second-daily’), allowing us to make our primary space for entertainment coverage more news-driven. This will enrich… Read

Kyra Sedgwick Signs With United Talent

First, I should explain that someone close to the star of TNT’s The Closer clarified to me that “her team is completely intact except for Gersh. She has the same manager, same lawyer, same publicist, same assistant. Everything’s the same but Gersh.” And, further, that her rethinking her agency “has nothing to do with Bernie Madoff.” So, now that’s clear, she took meetings with various agencies and chose UTA. Gersh Loses Two Actors, Signs Two… Read

Paramount vs Sony On 'Eat Pray Love'

So this was a hot book but it’s been a cold movie in development at Paramount. Two years ago, Brad Pitt wanted the project for his Plan B production company. Then a year ago, Julia Roberts attached herself to play the lead and develop it. And most recently, Ryan Murphy came on to direct. But now Paramount is about to put the project in turnaround, and Sony is about to pick it up. Some are telling me that Paramount will chalk up another Twilight turnaround humiliation… Read