With Will Smith’s Seven Pounds from Sony, Jim Carrey’s Yes Man from Warner Bros, and a heroic mouse’s The Tale of Despereaux from Universal all opening today, it’s somewhat surprising that Fandango big onlineticket seller reports that the rodent is leading weekly ticket sales, apparently due to families making their holiday/weekend plans. Meanwhile, 64% of moviegoers on Fandango say they would see Will Smith in any new movie regardless of the subject matter. MovieTickets.com reports that Sony’s Seven Pounds will be this weekend’s biggest opening. “The latest Will Smith flick is garnering the attention of moviegoers across all demographics; however, the 25- to 34-year-old crowd is showing the most interest in seeing the film over the holiday weekend. More than 55% of moviegoers in that age bracket who are aware of Seven Pounds said they intend to see the movie opening weekend, according to MovieTickets.com. Fox’s Marley & Me is already showing up on the sales chart even though it doesn’t open until Xmas, according to Fandango. Also, MovieTickets.com reports that Lionsgate’s The Spirit which opens Xmas Day is doing well among its core demographic of Under 25s and the 25-34s, as 46% and 48%, respectively, of consumers in those age groups who are aware of the film tell MovieTickets.com they plan to see it opening weekend.

Fandango Five – Weekly Ticket Sales (as of 12/18/08)
The Tale of Despereaux 19%
Seven Pounds 11%
Yes Man 8%
Marley & Me (opens Christmas) 7%
The Day the Earth Stood Still (opened December 12) 7%