I’m told that SAG executive director and chief negotiator Doug Allen send this message to the SAG National Boar toay responding to the 131 actors, many of them stars, who announced they are voting “no” on the Strike Authorization ballot:

To:  SAG National Board of Directors

We received the email below earlier today from a group of SAG members regarding the upcoming strike authorization vote.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of those who signed on have not attended informational meetings and have not taken the opportunity to learn the facts directly from Screen Actors Guild. Clearly, the AMPTP’s rhetoric has had the desired effect.

We encourage every actor who put their name on this letter to attend the SAG member Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, December 17 at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel at 7 p.m.  We believe every SAG member should know the facts and cast an informed vote on this critical referendum.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Doug Allen