Los Angele Times‘ Calendar journos have always had high praise for entertainment editor Betsy Sharkey (whom I’ve known since she wrote for Ad Age). She’s been described to me as knowledgeable, competent, feisty and over-protective of her writers beyond what they deserved (i.e. when mistakes were made, she helped cover them up…) So the LAT bosses should have hog-tied to her desk when she came back from book leave (co-writing an autobiography of Marlee Matlin) and LAT’s film reviewers. “I love writing, and I love film, and when I came back I started talking to [editor] Russ Stanton about it,” Sharkey told me today. “Maybe it’ll be an absolute disaster. But I think I’ve got a good mind, and I think I know film. In any case, I’m thrilled and could not be happier.” But will LA Times‘ readers?