Don’t expect many Hollywood types at the Obama inauguration on January 20th. That’s because even the earliest and biggest showbiz donors to the president-elect’s campaign are being asked to fork over $50,000 for those four-day packages of four tickets for the swearing-in and parade seating, a nightclub performance on January 17th and a brunch the next morning, nighttime VIP seating at a Lincoln Memorial concert, candlelight dinners around town with members of Congress and drop-ins by the Obamas, and of course entry to one of the 10 official inaugural balls. But the Hollywood bigwigs I’ve talked to in recent days are saying “no way” to the $50K. One mogul, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Michael Lynton and his wife Jamie, an early and big fundraiser for Obama, are planning to take their kids to Washington DC and watch the inauguration from the vantage point of the mall with all the other non-paying citizens. The Obama inaugural pricetag sounds high, but it’s actually a bargain compared to $250,000 which George W. Bush charged his supporters. But the $50,000 cost is because the Obama camp’s Presidential Inaugural Committee is not taking contributions from corporations, political action committees, current federally registered lobbyists, non-U.S. citizens or registered foreign agents.