Paramount launched it with MGM/Sony’s Quantum Of Solace Friday. I’ve been skeptical, but this Star Trek XI trailer looks intriguing. And, most importantly, mainstream. Maybe J.J. Abrams has pulled a Chris Nolan and reimagined a stale franchise. But Star Trek has failed to ever do much internationally. Which is why JJ and studio vice chairman Rob Moore are just finishing a road show sharing 25 minutes of footage territory by territory this past week in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy, I’ve learned, and receiving “extraordinary” response. That has Paramount feeling optimistic about Star Trek XI‘s overseas prospects — “building what has traditionally been a primarily U.S. franchise into a global one” — which are key to the franchise’s future. Hollywood knows there’s just no economy of scale anymore for a big budget domestic-only hit. This coming Wednesday, the studio will unveil these 25 minutes at a screening for selected opinion-makers. A revitalized Star Trek would give Brad Grey and Rob Moore a 3rd big new franchise in addition to Transformers and G.I. Joe. No other studio can boast that right now. Will the Paramount pinheads have the last laugh?