Yes, SAG and the AMPTP are scheduled to meet on Thursday thanks to federal mediator Juan Carlos Gonzalez’s shuttle diplomacy. No one knows if it’s with the AMPTP full committee, but I know that SAG is making arrangements for its entire negotiating committee to be available. Expectations are less than zero that the AMPTP will even consider budging from its New Media positions under the guise that the guild is lucky a last best offer was made before the economic climate worsened. Meanwhile, SAG intends to keep pushing for its $60 million in overdue force majeure payments from the majors, since it’s one of the few bargaining chips which the guild has to play with the AMPTP short of a strike authorization. The Hollywood CEOs want those debts forgiven and the whole force majeure payment issue removed from future SAG contracts. Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of time for SAG to sink both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards broadcasts.