I’ve confirmed that Seth Matlins has told CAA he’ll be exiting. (Who departs an agency before bonuses are handed out?) Matlins is oft described as “Co-Head of Marketing And Entertainment” at the agency. (Though a CAA spokesman denied to me that Matlins was co-head of anything…) A brand agent, Matlins’ job has been to provide corporate clients with marketing strategies that leverage the power of entertainment to build brands and drive business results. Matlins joined CAA in 2000 when the tenpercentery created a marketing consultancy with Coke as its first client under him as team leader. Before that, Matlins founded Dirt Road Consulting, a marketing and strategic services company advising clients including both business-to business and business-to-consumer businesses in the financial services, publishing, and entertainment industries as well as New Media start-ups. Previously, Matlins served as the president of the political and entertainment-rooted nonprofit organization Rock the Vote. Matlins was responsible for establishing the strategic direction of the organization and running all aspects of its business, including operations, strategic planning, marketing, sales, and industry relations.