It turns out the federal mediator in SAG vs AMPTP is well known in Hollywood. He’s Juan Carlos Gonzalez of the U.S. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service who was utterly useless in un-stalling the WGA-AMPTP negotiations the last time the Hollywood employers’ cartel decided to stop bargaining with a showbiz guild. He also couldn’t stave off the writers strike — even though he holds a 2nd degree black belt in Aikido. (Gonzalez has been a Commissioner of Mediation since March 2000. Prior to joining, he practiced as an attorney in Los Angeles.) I’ve seen this dance before: the mediator meets with one side, then the other, then wants to tear his hair out. Well, as they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
Here’s SAG’s statement tonight:

Los Angeles, (October 24, 2008) — Screen Actors Guild President Alan Rosenberg, National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Doug Allen and Deputy National Executive Director for Contracts Ray Rodriguez met with Juan Carlos Gonzalez this afternoon at SAG headquarters in Los Angeles to discuss Screen Actors Guild’s  request for mediation and the possibilities regarding the resumption of negotiations.  It is our understanding that Mr. Gonzalez is going to meet with AMPTP representatives next Thursday.