The economic downturn keeps taking its toll. Today, Patrick Graham, the publisher of Below the Line, a newspaper claiming to be the “editorial voice of the crew”, wrote a plaintive email addressed to Hollywood types warning that the November issue can’t come out without more ads. “In the old days (last year), my editorial prerogative was clear; celebrate crew and keep a firm line between advertising and editorial content. But, those heady days of fairytale beliefs (like my homes value being stable and the one about my modest stock portfolio that would never drop more then 1 or 3 percent in any given year) are behind us, painfully behind us. So now, my editorial prerogative has changed; celebrate crew & survival. I’m writing to the Awards PR community to make this clear; I can’t print issues WITHOUT ADs… I have to kill the issue tonight unless I get at least three more ads (I only have one now). A hard cover would be great…. Not one campaign has booked anything for the online either. Not one. I’m not asking for an Awards year like two or three years ago, I’m talking about “support your PR people’s hard work with some ads to show you care”. Ink, paper, writers and distribution cost real money. Below the Line deserves real ads.”