Quantum Of Solace came online for tracking and I’m told the good news has Sony doing somersaults. Because the first choice is almost double what it was for Daniel Craig’s debut as Bond in Casino Royale, That’s a very solid start with 3 weeks to go before its release November 14th. Nevertheless, 007 fanatics posting online about their longing for the established Bond cliches and stereotypes. They say the 22nd Bond movie looks more like Bond-as-Bourne since it’s “dropped Moneypenny, dropped Q, dropped the wit, dropped the gadgets, and dropped the line ‘The name is Bond, James Bond’.” That said, Sony is trying to ignore rival studio chatter that this may be the costliest film ever made minute by minute: $261 million for a 105-minute movie, which comes out to almost $2.5 million per minute. (As opposed to, say, the $300M pricetag for 165-minute-long Pirates Of The Caribbean 3.) But Sony sources say that number is “off base by more than 60. Plus we have tax credits from filming.”