It was sadly inevitable in these last desperate days of the presidential campaign that Hollywood would become the GOP’s bitter target for its support of Obama Barack (lumped in with terrorists and socialists). Voters in at least 10 swing states are receiving hundreds of thousands of nasty and often misleading automated telephone calls from John McCain’s campaign, and a portion are bashing Obama for putting “Hollywood above America”. This, on the same weekend tha Sarah Palin went on Saturday Night Live. A spokesman for the McCain campaign defended the Hollywood-themed robocall as “based on hardened facts that American voters should consider.” Here’s what it said: “On the very day our elected leaders gathered in Washington to deal with the financial crisis, Barack Obama spent just 20 minutes with economic advisers, but hours at a celebrity Hollywood fund-raiser.” That was Sept. 16th, when Obama attended a cocktail reception that night in Beverly Hills that featured celebrities like Barbra Streisand and Leonardo DiCaprio, after a 20-minute briefing by economic advisers. But Obama’s schedule that day also showed that he was briefed by staff members twice more and spoke with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. But the robocalls don’t point out that McCain was campaigning in Ohio that same day. Nor that the GOP candidate also has been fundraising in Beverly Hills among the Hollywood celebs. On August 25th, McCain attended a 1,200-donor blowout at the Beverly Hills Hilton ballroom which included Stephen Baldwin, Pat Boone, Wilford Brimley, Dean Cain, Jon Cryer, Robert Duvall, Angie Harmon, Patricia Heaton, Lorenzo Lamas, Craig T. Nelson, Gail O’Grady, Jason Sehorn, Gary Sinise, and Jon Voight. “I would like to thank so many brave and courageous people who are here that happen to be in the business of Hollywood who are risking their entire futures and careers,” McCain told the fundraiser. What a crock since all those actors are high-profile TV or film stars. I wonder how they feel about McCain denigrating a candidate’s Hollywood support. Because it demeans them as well.