That’s the first word I’m getting from John McCain’s make-up appearance on David Letterman tonight. The GOP candidate last month cancelled his appearance on The Late Show and then headed to an interview with Katie Couric and lied about it. “I screwed up,” McCain said matter-of-factly at the outset tonight. But if the presidential hopeful thought that would get him off the hotseat with Dave, he was wrong. “Dave asked every question the media should be asking,” a source who watched the taping told me. “It was amazing. Letterman gave him a hard time about being friends with G Gordon Liddy and pressed him whether Sarah Palin is qualified to be president.”

Also, here is Letterman’s Top 10 Messages Left On Joe The Plumber’s Answering Machine tonight:

10. “Hey, heard you mentioned in the debate. Now can you come over and get the hairball out of my drain?”
9.   “Joe Six Pack calling; what are you trying to pull?”
8.   “Sorry, wrong number. I was looking for Larry the Cable Guy”
7.   “Dude — did you get to meet Fannie Mae?”
6.   “This is Sarah Palin, do you consider yourself a maverick plumber?”
5.  “You had a better night than Joe the Dodgers’ manager.”
4.  “This is Bob Schieffer. Hijack one of my debates again and I’ll bust your kneecaps with a pipe wrench.”
3.  “Joe, you gotta get a copy of this Late Show Fun Facts book — it’s hilarious!”
2.  “It’s Brian from The Late Show, are you available tonight if McCain cancels?”
1.  “It’s Madonna, are you seeing anybody?”