Hollywood is now dumping all over ousted MRC president Keith Samples. I just heard this from an NBC source: “Right around the time when he was hired by MRC, but before it became public, he lied to us about being an “independent consultant” hired by Endeavor to look out for Greg Daniels’ profit participation (and Endeavor’s package) on The Office. We believed him (and Ari [Emanuel]), and included him in all our strategy sessions planning the syndication sale of The Office – including how much we’d ask for, how much we’d accept, etc… Then, one day he calls in his ‘new’ capacity at MRC and made an offer (very lowball) to buy the whole backend of The Office from us so that MRC could resell it. That was one of the slimiest thing I have ever experienced in all my years…”

Who’s To Blame For MRC’s CW Debacle?