I just received the announcement that Jim Kennedy has been promoted to Executive Vice President for Global Communications at Sony Pictures Entertainment. He’ll continue to report to Sony Pictures Chairman and CEO Michael Lynton and Co-Chairman Amy Pascal. Kennedy is responsible for overseeing media relations for Sony Pictures and serves as a communications counselor and speechwriter for the executive team. He joined Sony Pictures in 2005 as SVP for Corporate Communications.  Since that time his department has expanded to include Employee Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility. “It’s an honor to work for Michael and Amy, under whose leadership the studio has experienced great stability, technological innovation and global growth,” said Kennedy.  “I’m also grateful to my staff and colleagues for their counsel and patience in teaching an old dog some new tricks over the past three years.” Kennedy previously served as a spokesman for President Bill Clinton, Senators Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman, and Vice President Al Gore. He was a volunteer advisor to Hillary’s presidential campaign this year — even though both his bosses were big Barack Obama supporters. (“They were very understanding. We had a friendly rivalry,” Kennedy told me.) And this photo of him was taken by his 13-year-old daughter.