I forgot to post last Friday that CAA signed Tom Selleck. My question is simply: “Why?” Granted he needs new agents since his career is cold as ice. But CAA has more than enough out-of-work actors bitching and moaning under Richard Lovett’s 100% market share philosophy…

Endeavor had in its fold writer/director John Hamberg (Zoolander, Meet The Fockers, Along Came Polly), lost him to CAA about a year ago, and now has snatched him back.

Kevin Bisch (Hitch) whose latest script sold to Sony for over $1 million, is leaving ICM and taking meetings at other agencies. His manager, former ICM agent Brian Sher of Category 5, keeps pulling clients from the tenpercentery.

Paradigm signed Brittany Murphy. (I guess Lindsay Lohan may be next since, after signing Mischa Barton, Paradigm is trying to rehab the careers of Actresses Gone Wild…) This weekend, the agency’s loyalties were divided. It reps High School Musical 3 director/choreographer Kenny Ortega, writer Peter Barsocchini and the producers Bill Borden and Barry Rosenbush plus the editor Don Brochu. But it also reps two of the guys behind the Saw franchise.