As DHD readers know, I’ve been closely following the Al Franken vs Norm Coleman hotly contested U.S. Senate race in Minnesota because, while showbiz talents who are also Democrats routinely raise money and campaign for political candidates, they rarely run for public office themselves. For a while, Franken, the Saturday Night Live alum and ex-Air America radio broadcaster, had a solid lead over the incumbent Republican since October 6th. But this week that’s tightened to the point that Coleman is back up 1 to 3 points in the polls. (Which is statistically but not psychologically insignificant.) Coleman made the gains with a slew of uber-negative ads against Al. But now that’s been matched by some third-party corruption allegations against Coleman. The Republican also has slapped the Franken campaign with a defamation suit; apparently, the Republican resorts to the courts almost every time he’s a candidate. Now the latest news is that former President Bill Clinton was campaigning in the Twin Cities arm and arm with Franken. They hit the stage at the Minneapolis Convention Center together last night, with Clinton telling the crowd that a Franken triumph over Coleman is crucial to electing a U.S. Senate with 60 Democrats so that an Obama administration could overcome Republican filibustering.

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