So the AMPTP today put out this not very encouraging statement:

“The Producers have demonstrated our willingness to bargain reasonably. So far this year, we have reached four major labor agreements, and each one of these agreements has required compromise after compromise on our part. We have also offered compromises to SAG already, in a package that includes more than $250 million in economic gains and groundbreaking new media rights. We are, of course, willing to meet with a federal mediator in the hopes of achieving our fifth Guild agreement this year. But we are also realistic:  It will be very difficult to reach an agreement if SAG continues to insist unreasonably that it deserves a better deal than the ones achieved by the other entertainment Guilds during far better economic times.”

To which SAG National executive director and chief negotiator Doug Allen responded:

“We look forward to meeting with the federal mediator and the AMPTP committee as soon as possible.”