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October 2008 Archive

MRC Cancels Two Shows On The CW

I’m told that financier and producer Media Rights Capital has canceled two of the four shows it put on The CW after being given the rare opportunity to program a network’s Sunday nights. Both Valentine and Easy Money had been put on hiatus with skeleton crews while more scripts were written. Now both series are on permanent hiatus, which is a nicer way of saying they’ve been cancelled. MRC still has authority to program Sunday nights on The CW for the entire 2008-2009… Read

The “Other” Jon Favreau…

During the next few weeks you’ll read and hear Jon Favreau’s name repeated by the Washington press corps. It’s because Barack Obama’s favorite speechwriter has the same name as Jon Favreau, the Hollywood director, writer, and actor. Today, a posting of possible personnel in an Obama administration spotlighted Jon Favreau “the Hollywood actor and screenwriter and director”. I kid you not. (It was quickly amended.) For the record, the “other” Favreau is a… Read

DHD Advisory: 40+ Million Page Views!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. DHD started up 32 months ago in March 2006 and it’s been gratifying to see people are reading it and responding to it. Your tips have never been better, and your comments have never been livelier. (Keep ’em coming!) I remain in awe.  Read

Females Flocking To Buy Twilight Tickets

The Summit Entertainment vampire romance doesn't open for another three weeks, but fans are already scooping up advance tickets for the film. In a recent survey, Twilight was voted by moviegoers as the most anticipated film of the season. According to a current survey of more than 5,000 moviegoers interested in buying Twilight tickets say they: 92% will see Twilight on opening weekend 85% will see the film more than once 56% will go to the movie with a… Read

Bill Clinton Campaigning For Al Franken

As DHD readers know, I’ve been closely following the Al Franken vs Norm Coleman hotly contested U.S. Senate race in Minnesota because, while showbiz talents who are also Democrats routinely raise money and campaign for political candidates, they rarely run for public office themselves. For a while, Franken, the Saturday Night Live alum and ex-Air America radio broadcaster, had a solid lead over the incumbent Republican since October 6th. But this week that’s tightened to… Read

'Whaddaya Mean Bro Won't Take My Call?'

Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel may soon have a sibling in a higher place. Today’s political news is filled with speculation that Ari’s brother Rahm Emanuel, the U.S. representative who helped engineer the Democratic takeover of Congress, is Barack Obama’s first choice for White House chief of staff in the event of a win. Ari isn’t talking about it. (Watch video of all the Emanuel Bros on Charlie Rose Read

Film Producer Finds $200 Mil Financing From Banks Despite Current Credit Crisis

Isn’t this a nice surprise? Veteran film producer Philippe Rousselet and entertainment executive Fabrice Gianfermi announced today the formation of Vendome Pictures — described in the press release as a development, production and financing entity focused on producing internationally driven and commercially viable feature films designed for the global filmed entertainment marketplace. The company plans to produce a minimum of 12 films with budgets ranging from $10 to $40… Read

AMPTP Takes Its Turn Meeting Mediator

Statement by the AMPTP: The AMPTP met this afternoon with federal mediator Juan Carlos Gonzalez. During the meeting AMPTP presented details of the AMPTP’s Final Offer to SAG, along with background information on the major labor agreements that AMPTP has reached this year with WGA, DGA and AFTRA, which served as the basis for our Final Offer to SAG. The federal mediator indicated that he will advise the parties as to the next step in the process. SAG Leaders Meet With Fede… Read