Los Angeles (September 23, 2008) – The Writers Guild of America, West has announced the results of its 2008 Board of Directors election.

The following eight members were elected to the WGAW’s Board of Directors: Katherine Fugate (647, 9.1%), John F. Bowman (629, 8.8%), Howard Michael Gould (619, 8.7%), David A. Goodman (552, 7.7%), Karen Harris (544, 7.6%), Mark Gunn (525, 7.4%), Aaron Mendelsohn (498, 7.0%), and Kathy Kiernan (463, 6.5%). Bowman, Goodman, Gunn, Mendelsohn, and Kiernan are incumbents. Board members will serve a two-year term, effective immediately.

Results for the eleven remaining candidates for the Board of Directors were: Kat Smith (458, 6.4%), Ashley Gable (429, 6.0%), Dwayne Johnson-Cochran (372, 5.2%), Luvh Rakhe (274, 3.8%), Timothy J. Lea (259, 3.6%), Howard Kuperberg (179, 2.5%), Tim Day (160, 2.2%), Mick Betancourt (160, 2.2%), Aaron Solomon (146, 2.0%), Bernard Lechowick (135, 1.9%) and Kevin Droney (77, 1.1%).

“Thanks to all the candidates and voters who participated in this election and congratulations to the returning and new members of the board. It will be the responsibility of this board to help enforce the terms of our new contract and to continue to strengthen our Guild by organizing unrepresented writers and working closely with our sister unions and guilds,” said WGAW President Patric M. Verrone.

A total of 1,235 valid ballots were cast. The ballot count was supervised by Robbin Johnson of Pacific Election Services, Inc., an independent firm.

And, in case you missed it (I did), here are WGA East election results:

NEW YORK CITY (September 19) – The Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) announced the 2008 election results for its Council. There were 10 open seats: six open Freelance seats and four open Staff seats. In the election, there were 444 valid ballots cast.

The results were: Elected as Freelance members on the Council were: Gina Gionfriddo (i) (319, 71.8%), Walter Bernstein (i) (260, 58.6%), John Auerbach (i) (240, 54.1%), David Steven Cohen (i) (236, 53.2%), Jerome Coopersmith (196, 44.1%), and Jeremy Pikser (i) (195, 43.9%)

Elected as Staff members on the Council were: Cath Twohill (245, 55.2%), Marianne Pryor (i) (218, 49.1%), Elizabeth Turrell (189, 42.6%), and Art Daley (174, 39.2%).

All terms begin immediately and run through September 2010.

WGAE President Michael Winship, Vice President Bob Schneider, and Secretary-Treasurer Gail Lee continue to serve their two-year terms, which run from 2007-2009.