LOS ANGELES (September 8, 2008) – The Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) announced today that it will set up a Stereoscopic 3-D Content Testing Lab addition to its Anytime/Anywhere Content Lab. Building on the success of ETC’s world-renowned Digital Cinema Laboratory, ETC’s studio and other sponsors will be using the AACL to explore stereoscopic 3-D technologies, including stereoscopic 3-D implementations in a neutral, consumer-centric setting. Companies producing stereoscopic 3-D technologies and products are already beginning to place their technologies in the lab for evaluation and input from ETC’s members.

David Wertheimer, CEO and executive director of the ETC added, “Given the substantial interest in stereoscopic 3-D in the theater and beyond, we believe there needs to be a neutral and central place for the various interested groups in order to ensure that the content and device development processes are interacting and fully aware of each other. Hollywood needs a physical space to see, test and evaluate high-quality content delivered the way consumers may see it today and into the future. That’s what our Stereoscopic 3-D Content Testing Lab is all about.”

Setting up the Stereoscopic 3-D Content Testing Lab is one of the key objectives of ETC’s Stereoscopic 3-D Working Group, headed by Walt Husak, senior manager, Electronic Media at Dolby Laboratories, and comprised of major Hollywood studios, such as Disney, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, and Warner Bros., together with other ETC members like Sharp, LG, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Dolby, Deluxe, Thomson, TCS, Volkswagen Group of America as well as David Wertheimer, CEO and Executive Director of the ETC.

The ETC Stereoscopic 3-D Working Group is identifying 3D issues and opportunities for distribution into the home. The group’s goal is to identify gaps and areas where forums for discussions among interested groups and standards bodies could be useful to accelerate the adoption of stereoscopic 3-D technology.  “ETC’s forums, ongoing mapping of the entire ecosystem, and ability to move quickly, will add value to all the players interested in seeing stereoscopic 3-D grow and thrive,” said Wertheimer.

Arthur Hair, chief technology officer for The Walt Disney Studios, said, “As Disney continues to be a pioneering force in creating and distributing stereoscopic 3-D motion pictures for theatrical exhibition, we are also exploring the best ways to bring this exciting viewing experience into the home.  It is extremely important that our customers have a satisfying and robust stereoscopic 3-D solution.  The Entertainment Technology Center provides the ideal forum for experimenting with all the latest technological innovations and devices so that we can ultimately give the consumer what they want.  We’re very excited to be working with other studios, the consumer electronics industry, and the proven leaders at ETC in taking the stereoscopic 3-D home experience to the next level.”

“ETC’s Anytime/Anywhere Content Lab, like the Digital Cinema Lab before it, will provide us with a permanent, Los Angeles-based facility where we can bring our yet-to-be-released content to view it using existing and emerging stereoscopic 3-D displays, formats, and technologies,” said Chuck Dages, executive vice president, emerging technologies, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and Chairman of the ETC.

“ETC has provided us the environment to stimulate development of a new attribute of the visual medium which, like moving images, color, and multi-channel sound before it, will dramatically change and enhance the experience in the home of the motion picture, the television program, and the sporting event,” said Andrew Setos, president of engineering, Fox Group, Twentieth Century Fox.

“The ETC Stereoscopic 3-D Content Lab is well positioned to provide increased understanding of technology and human factors associated with stereoscopic 3-D content distribution and consumption.  This is an important input to the standards development process that is essential to broad consumer acceptance and satisfaction in the long term.” Quoted Dr. Alan Bell, EVP and CTO Paramount Pictures

The Entertainment Technology Center @ USC is a non-profit organization within USC’s School of Cinematic Arts which brings together the top entertainment, technology and consumer electronic companies to discuss how to understand what next-generation consumers want and then to work towards new entertainment products and services for the future. Including the School of Cinematic Arts, ETC’s Executive Sponsors are Disney, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Viacom/Paramount, Warner Bros. Entertainment, along with Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, Inc., Lucasfilm Ltd, Sharp, TATA Consultancy Services, Thomson, and Volkswagen Group of America. Additionally, ETC’s Anytime/Anywhere Content Lab (AACL) is sponsored by Dolby, LG Electronics, and Sandisk.