SAG members are receiving this unofficial alert about the AMPTP negotiations:


It is imperative to your well being that you read the TV/THEATRICAL NEGOTIATING UPDATE that was recently mailed to you by Screen Actors Guild and check the box showing support for Doug Allen, Alan Rosenberg and the Negotiating Committee, giving them the authority and ability to go in and negotiate a better deal for you.

We, the membership, need to understand the full impact and ramification of demands being made by the AMPTP and, in particular, the two issues listed below.

Thousand of members will be denied health coverage, pension benefits and residuals.

Free Streaming/Move Over
Streaming network television shows on the internet. There are very important elements of streaming that should be understood. 

The AMPTP demands:
·      17 days free streaming for current shows
·      24 days free streaming for new shows, followed by:
·      Two consecutive 6-month ‘spurts’  for a payment of 3% of Total Applicable Minimum
·      Guest star       $85.00
·      Day Player       $22.77
Why is this a problem? It will not be supplemental income, but replacement income.  As free streaming depletes the value of reruns, the first and second rerun residuals will be lost.
·      Guest Star “top-of-show” (approximately $6,500), loses 60% of income
1st rerun residual $3,290 – lost
2nd rerun residual $3,290 – lost
·      Day Player, scale (approximately $759), loses two-thirds of income
1st rerun residual $759 – lost
2nd rerun residual $759 – lost
In aggregate this represents a potential of 100-200 million dollars.
This lost income will have a profound impact on individual members’ Pension & Health Plans. 

Day Player:
·      Currently needs about nine days work with 1st and 2nd rerun residuals.
·      Without rerun residuals, will need about 27 days work, an almost impossible number of days to reach 

Guest Star:
·      Currently needs about two guest roles with 1st and 2nd rerun residuals
·      Without rerun residuals will need over 3 guest starring roles to qualify
Thousands of members that now qualify will find themselves without health coverage, pension benefits and residuals, turning our union into an elitist union representing only those temporarily the most successful.

·      Producers may use clips for promotional purposes without consent or payment
·      For any other purpose, consent is required and negotiable… but cannot be negotiated at time of original employment
This preserves the principle that your work can only be used in and for the film on which you are engaged, allowing you and your heirs to retain control of your name, voice and likeness.
AS A CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT, in order to build a new industry based on clips, the AMPTP is demanding:
·      we give up consent and negotiation;
·      allow them to mix and mash clips: “mashing” – putting together 2 or more clips from different sources, creating a new product. we will have no control over how clips are mixed or mashed, leaving the door open for a total perversion of our creative work.
•              For a payment of:
·               under 2 minutes – $25.00
·               under 4 minutes – $75.00
·               over 4 minutes – $22.77

You need to clearly understand that you will be denied employment if you do not accept these nominal payments and give up your right of consent.
It is critical that you be informed and weigh in on these two issues and the others outlined in the TV/Theatrical Negotiating Update. Our membership, the public and members of the industry at large should understand we are fighting for the basic bread and butter issues of pension benefits, health coverage, the protection of our work and the opportunity to make a living in our chosen careers.
This should be considered supplemental to the TV/Theatrical Negotiating Update which you have just received from the Guild.

Ed Asner
Tom Bower
David Clennon
Rob Schneider