After busting the GOP president candidate for lying last night, David Letterman opened The Late Show tonight saying this about John McCain (video here):

“I don’t know if you know about this or not, but last night….Here’s the deal – we do this little TV show every night right here on CBS.  And what we do – you see these chairs right here?  That’s because we like to have folks come out and visit.  And one of the people who was going to visit with us last night was Senator John McCain.

“What a tremendous hero.  What a great American John McCain is.  Unquestionably, as President Clinton said earlier this week, gave almost everything but his life for this country.  And a tremendous hero and a tremendous role model…and he was supposed to be on the show.  So at the last minute he calls up and says, “Uh…I can’t make it.”  And I said, “What is the problem?”  And he said, “Well, the economy.  The economy is about to crater.”
So I’m scared.  I’m starting to tremble a little bit because he said, “I’ve got to race back to D.C.” And I thought, holy gosh…  And I hung up the phone and I said to the staff that had gathered at my feet – waiting for words of reassurance from me…OK, everything’s fine.  Don’t worry about it.  The Senator is on his way back to D.C.  So not only did he not go back right away, he stopped by to see Katie Couric on his way out.  And then ok, we looked at it and we said, “OK, I understand that.  That’s news and this is nonsense.”

But then after Katie Couric, wham-o, right to the airport? …No. No. No.  We found out today that he didn’t really leave until this morning. [Boos from the audience.]

Thank you very much, Ladies and Gentlemen. So what we learned today is that the economy held on long enough – just barely held on long enough for him to get back there.

“Whereas, you can see, 24 hours ago, I felt like a patriot.  I felt like I was helping out.  I felt like I was doing my part.  Part of the cause.  Fighting the fight.  Not part of the problem, I was part of the solution.  I was going to help in my own little way get this economy out of the crater.  And now I’m just feeling like an ugly date.  That’s what I feel like.  I feel like an ugly date.  I feel used.  I feel cheap.  I feel sullied.  I feel cratered…”

David Letterman Busts McCain For Lying