UPDATE: This was another eerily quiet day in Hollywood as everyone monitored Wall Street. The Dow fought through tremendous volatility from the moment the stock market opened 175 points down, continuing through midday, and ending 142 points up Tuesday. NBC Universal parent company GE was especially affected early in the day when it was lumped in with the embattled financials even though it’s a broadly diversified conglomerate. But shares surprisingly wound up 1.87% ahead once the Dow moved higher. Viacom was hit hardest today, falling 3.46%. How all infotainment stocks and their parent companies will be impacted by insurance giant AIG’s fate (still hanging in the balance) is anybody’s guess for later this week. Stay tuned.

Disney rose $.15 (+ 46%) to $32.51
News Corp (Fox) fell $.25 (-1.81%) to $13.56
Time Warner fell $.04 (- .28%) to $14.08
Viacom fell $.92 (-3.46%) to $25.70
CBS fell $.16 (-.99%) to $16.00
GE (NBC Universal) rose $.46 (+ 1.87%) to $25.06

Yes, Bloody Monday Affected Hollywood