Very early Thursday numbers for Tropic Thunder‘s domestic box office are running around $4.5 million after its Wednesday opening take of $6.5 million in 3,319 theaters. And tonight DreamWorks/Paramount is starting to revise downward the weekend and 5-day forecasts for the R-rated movie-within-a-movie comedy from Ben Stiller. Currently, the studio is expecting Pineapple Express-like North American gross of low to mid $20sM for the Friday-Saturday-Sunday weekend (down from low $30sM) and mid $30sM for the 5 days (down from $40M). Just one problem: Sony claimed Pineapple Express‘ negative cost was $27M, while I’m told Tropic Thunder‘s budget ballooned to $110+M. Yikes! Opening Friday, the LucasFilm/Warner Bros’ Star Wars: The Clone Wars toon has box office predictions ranging from $15M to low $20sM in 3,300+ venues. The higher numbers depend on how many 8 to 11 aged boys show up to see it. For full analysis, see my previous: ‘Tropic Thunder’s Low-Key $6.5M Opening; ‘Clone Wars’ & ‘Mirror’ Wkd Predictions