MembershipFirst officially unveiled its slate and website today for the upcoming SAG Board elections:

MembershipFirst represents the majority of SAG’s National Board and the overwhelming majority of working actors in Hollywood. With twenty-two incumbents, (who have a collective total of 170 years of union leadership) and eleven highly respected working actors who are running for the Board for the first time, the slate is said to represent a balanced mix of seasoned veterans along with a strong injection of ‘new blood unionists’.

MembershipFirst plans to continue its four year record of creating ‘firsts’  for the Guild.  “We’re the first group to help create a $20 million dollar surplus,” said MembershipFirst Board member Anne-Marie Johnson.  “We’re also the first group to oversee SAG’s Commercials Contract topping the $800 million dollar mark.”

Other firsts cited by Johnson include the first online actors’ directory (iActor), the first New Technology/New Media and Organizing Departments in Guild history, the first re-negotiation of basic cable residuals, the first permanent interactive committee, and Hollywood Board Meetings which have, for the first time ever, been opened to the membership.

In the midst of negotiations with the AMPTP to secure a new TV/Theatrical contract, Johnson also pointed out that MembershipFirst is working to create “the first union contract to completely cover new media and the first to secure new media residuals.  We’ve already signed three hundred new media deals and 620 feature film completion deals with independent producers with budgets ranging from $10 million up to $45 million.”

MembershipFirst Incumbents:  Ralph Morgan recipients Yale Summers and Scott Wilson, along with Lainie Kazan, Joe Bologna, JoBeth Williams, France Nuyen, William Russ, David Jolliffe, Jane Austin, Jeff Austin, Warren Berlinger, Steven Barr, Michael Bell, Ron Harper, Renee Aubry, Peggy Miley, Paul Napier, Russell McConnell, FJ O’Neil, Anthony DeSantis, Eugene Boggs and Joe d’Angerio,

First-time candidates with MembershipFirst:  Keith Carradine, Joely Fisher, Scott Bakula, Clancy Brown, Tom Bower, Alan Ruck, Peter Van Norden, Vic Polizos, Charles Malik Whitfield, Charles Shaunhessy, and Christopher R. Wiehl.

Continuing Board Members (serving multi-year terms): Elliott Gould, Valerie Harper, Seymour Cassel, Frances Fisher, Esai Morales, Justine Bateman, Nancy Sinatra, Joanna Cassidy, Renee Taylor, Angela Watson, George Coe, Robert Hays, Bonnie Bartlett, Brett Cullen, Jenny Worman, Anne DeSalvo, Sumi Haru, William Katt, Diane Ladd, Piper Laurie, William Mapother, Kent McCord, Esai Morales, Harrison Page, AngelTompkins and Anne-Marie Johnson.