UPDATE: So Gerry Rich isn’t retiring from the biz and wasn’t fired. What happened is that Rich wasn’t thrilled when Josh Greenstein and Megan Colligan were upped. And when he complained to the Paramount bigwigs, they told him he could always ask to be let out of his contract. Which he did. Now the studio is denying any other moves in the department right now. Here’s what the studio said about Rich:

“Gerry Rich, the president of worldwide motion picture marketing at Paramount, is leaving the company. Rich requested to be let out of his contract and will depart the studio at the close of this month. His position will not be replaced and his duties at the studio will be assumed by Megan Colligan and Josh Greenstein, who were promoted this June to co-presidents of marketing for the Paramount Motion Picture Group. Colligan and Greenstein will report directly to Paramount Vice Chairman Rob Moore.”