Today the AMPTP issued a statement responding to SAG’s contract negotiations update emailed to its members on Friday and which I reprinted here. Not surprisingly, the two sides don’t agree on what’s taking place right now. SAG executive national director and chief negotiator Doug Allen responds below to this latest AMPTP statement. Just get on with it, guys!

SAG Issues Contract Negotiations Update

AMPTP responding today to SAG update:

“Every effort by SAG’s negotiators to reopen these talks to fundamentally alter the new media terms and make unreasonable economic demands has been flatly and consistently rejected by the producers at every level of these talks. The AMPTP’s position on its final offer could not be any clearer, and no amount of dead-of-the-night emails by SAG leaders is going to change the fundamental facts.

“Negotiations concluded when the producers presented their final offer on June 30, 2008, and no meetings, formal or informal, are scheduled. The undisputed fact is that, until SAG’s negotiators make a deal, their members will work indefinitely under an expired contract, enjoying none of the pay increases, protections or new media residuals that all of the other Guilds are receiving.”

SAG national executive director and chief negotiator Doug Allen counter-responding today:

“As the AMPTP knows, and as we have reported to our members on several occasions, substantive discussions about contract issues have occurred with CEO’s, AMPTP committee members and staff on a continuing basis since the last formal meeting of the full committees. The details of those discussions are confidential. Any suggestion that this is not the case is intentional misdirection and completely false.”